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At Ramji Consulting Inc., we offer comprehensive CQ assessments and training that helps you be more successful in your professional career and in your personal life.


Our training packages are designed to help individuals and institutions become better equipped to achieve their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Training packages are rooted in the curriculum developed by the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC. CQ assessments are provided and administered by the Cultural Intelligence Centre.


Plant the seeds today to grow your cultural intelligence.  Please contact us to learn more.


Planting a Tree

Plant the Seeds: What is CQ?
3 hours (virtual)

Let’s plant your seed of becoming a purpose-driven organization that not only knows what equity, diversity and inclusion is but how to implement it through evidence-based cultural intelligence training.

New Growth

Grow the Seedlings: What is your CQ?
3 hours (in-person or virtual)

Purpose-driven organizations have their own unique workplace cultural values for employee engagement. We enable you to understand employee values, how these translate into challenging workplace engagement scenarios, and how to address these scenarios in a culturally intelligent way.

Tomatillo Plant

Mature the plant: Embed CQ into your workplace
Full day (in-person or virtual)

Workplace health is crucial to drive and sustain your organization. In this full day workshop, you can empower your employees to understand their own unique CQ through self and multi-rater assessments that compare their self-assessment and observer assessments to 150,000+ data points of world-wide norms. Employees will receive a personalized feedback report  and you can receive a report with aggregated data that provides a picture of your organizational CQ.  

This workshop will help your employees develop their CQ and help you better understand your organizational CQ, thereby enabling you to design and implement effective equity, diversity and inclusion action plans.

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