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Karima leading a CQ session for Here Magazine's Board of Directors
Participants from Here Magazine discussing their respective CQ assessments.

Karima leads the REP Here in Canada Board of Directors through a CQ workshop.

REP Here in Canada board members discuss their CQ assessments

Fiona Bramble, CEO, REP Here  in Canada

REP Here In Canada is an organization that welcomes and supports newcomers and newcomer creative professionals by creating opportunities for meaningful representation, engagement, and participation in social, civic, and economic spaces. Because we represent and serve people from multiple diverse backgrounds and experiences, it is critical that all levels of our organization—from our volunteers to our Board of Directors— demonstrate advanced cultural competencies. Karima’s belief that Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is foundational to best Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) practices strongly resonates with me on a personal and professional level. Essentially, there can be no true IDEA without CQ. Karima and her team developed a custom 2-day CQ and Anti-Racism workshop for our team, Board, and volunteers, along with individual debriefing sessions. While we have just begun the journey, with Karima’s expertise and guidance, we aspire to be a welcoming and supportive organization that effectively implements and models CQ best practices.

7 participants pose for a photo with Karima and Billie. "Ramji Consulting" sign behind them.

REP Here in Canada staff and volunteers at a CQ workshop

Tracy and Mohit discuss values chart.jpg

REP Here in Canada staff discuss how their cultural values/personal preferences  manifest in their interactions

Participants engage in an anti-racism related activity. They are seated on couches around a table, and working in pairs.

The REP Here in Canada team at the anti-racism training led by Billie Tes.

Karima and Billie sharing a laugh

Billie and Karima share a light moment at a workshop

Karima presenting to an audience, ICA posters in the background, ponsietta on the table in front of her.

Karima leads a workshop at Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

A flip chart on a table where participants use the dimensions of cultural intelligence to unpack cultural challenges they've experienced in the workplace.

ICA workshop participants engage with the CQ framework

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