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Karima leads the Here Magazine Board of Directors through a CQ workshop.

Here Magazine participants discuss their CQ assessments

Steven Lorenzo Baileys, Coordinator of the Community Partnership Network and Community Development Coordinator at the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

The Community Partnership Network (CPN) offered this dynamic CQ workshop facilitated by Karima Ramji for our member organizations. Karima skillfully worked with participants to help them understand the CQ model and how to analyze, understand and learn how to effectively engage with newcomers in a variety of cultural contexts. The session fostered greater awareness for participants around how to better understand different cultures through various lenses.  Karima injected humour and wove in real-life examples of cross cultural misunderstandings in a way that kept the learning lively and insightful. I recommend the workshop to anyone working across cultures. One CPN workshop participant commented on the value of the session: "Karima did a skillful job of providing an orientation to a validated tool that one can utilize as part of one's personal learning, or as part of bringing a workplace to a place of greater cultural intelligence.”


Karima presenting a CQ workshop at Inter-cultural Association of Greater Victoria's Community Partnership Network event

Screenshot 2024-03-22 211217.png

ICA participants apply the CQ framework to a real life challenge


Karima (left) provides an overview of cultural intelligence strategies during a workshop at the Aga Khan Nursery School in Mombasa, Kenya.


Teachers at the Aga Khan Nursery School in Mombasa, work through an intercultural case study

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